What Sets Us Apart

At Discovery Dental in Eagle River, our philosophy is to create a generation of patients who enjoy and look forward to going to the dentist.

Setting the Foundation for a Lifetime of Healthy Smiles, One Child at a Time!

For pediatric dentists Dr. Matt Parisek, Dr. Blake Schow, and Dr. James Johnson, few things are rewarding as earning a child’s trust. With patience, kindness, and compassion, they strive to create a generation that is empowered to maintain optimal oral health!

Our doctors and team believe maintaining optimal oral health is important to overall health and wellbeing. Regular dental checkups and preventive care, along with good home dental hygiene practices, establish a healthy mouth and help keep the smile – and body – strong and happy.

What’s Different at Discovery Dental?

We meet patients where they are at. We expect children and teens to differ widely on their level of nervousness or excitement at the dentist and offer a wide array of treatment options to meet those needs. Above all, we love children and have a passion for seeing them succeed: at the dentist and in life!

  • Kid-Friendly Environment: As our practice is limited to the pediatric population – infants, toddlers, children, and teens – we have designed our office to appeal to them. Here, we expect kids to be kids, not little adults, and have plenty of toys, playful décor, and interactive offerings that engage and entertain. We want our young patients to look forward to visiting our office – our great prize selection is just one of the draws!
  • Individualized Care: Every child is unique, with specific clinical, emotional, and mental concerns. We believe each child should receive dental care that addresses and works for them. By tailoring each visit and procedure to the child, always focusing on their safety and comfort, we help children learn that we care about and want only the best for them.
  • Family-Centered Dentistry: Good oral health starts at home, with proper nutrition and healthy habits. Our doctors and team seek to partner with parents, caregivers, and families to establish healthy practices and smiles at an early age. Knowing families have individual circumstances, we vest time in talking with and listening to parents. By creating a supportive, educational, and encouraging connection with families, we ensure we’re all working toward the shared goal: what is best for the child.
  • Comprehensive Children’s Dental Care: We are prepared to provide high-quality, worry-free dentistry to even the most anxious or apprehensive patient, and for those who have trouble sitting still, with safe and effective sedation options. Sedation allows the child to receive the treatment they need without fear or stress!

Schedule Your Child’s Dental Visit

Located in Eagle River, AK, Discovery Dental serves children and teens from Anchorage, Wasilla, and surrounding communities. Please contact our office to learn more and schedule an appointment for your young family member, today!

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