Children's Dentist in Eagle River, AK

Welcome to Discovery Dental, a friendly, exceptional quality, children-only dental practice.
We believe a great smile is a sign of good health! Our general dental care practice in Eagle River, AK opened in 2013 and is the perfect place to go if you are serious about your child's dental health. Our experienced team will sit down and talk with you about a treatment plan that suits your child's needs, and your budget.
Discovery Dental helps to making children's dental visits truly a unique experience. We treat children; from infants, to toddlers and teens, all with their variety of unique needs.
If your child needs help relaxing we offer; 
Laughing gas, (nitrous oxide, or as we say, "Candy Air")- It wears off before your child leaves the dental chair
Oral Sedation/Relaxation - They may be able to drink medicine to help them tolerate (and in many cases, forget) dental treatment. The medicine does not put children to sleep (although some become comfortable enough to take a nap). Children will continue to safely breathe on their own and maintain their protective reflexes.
We are happy to discuss what is most suitable to create a comfortable dental visit for your child.
Watch our video below to tour Discovery Dental
We are a General Dental Practice designed especially for Kids & Teens

Children Centered Care

Discovery Dental is committed to Children Centered Care dental care and we encourage parents to play an active role in their child's oral health and encourage the child’s growth, education and participation. We welcome parents into our treatment areas. 
Our goal is to provide an environment in which your child can develop a positive attitude toward dentist try and keep a happy smile. Our team focuses on assisting patients and their parents for a lifetime of good oral hygiene and dental health. All education and treatment is provided in a positive, caring, and fun environment with you and your child in mind.
Our dental care office in Eagle River is focused on providing a stress-free experience for all our Parents and patients. It is our goal to change how you think about going to the dentist. You will find we have taken many steps to create a soothing atmosphere and relaxing environment.
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We offer the most modern treatments, and use state-of-the-art equipment.In addition, all of our team is trained in the latest methods to ensure you receive only the highest standards of dental care.
Our dental team is trained in dealing with children and their dental needs. Our child-centered approach helps children understand their dental experience. 
Contact us today to make an appointment. 
General Dental Practice for children and teens.  Safe & fun environment with a dedicated staff!
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